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Quality Assurance Statement

This Quality Assurance statement describes the activities of MB Material Handling Systems, and defines procedures to be used to provide Quality Assurance in support of the Information Checking, design, detail design, supply, manufacture, assemble, test, install and commission of one off contracts for bespoke mechanical handling equipment in multi-various industries.

The observance of the procedures defined is mandatory for all MB Material Handling Systems management and staff employed direct or indirect or seconded from the parent company, The Motherwell Bridge Group, who will comply with the requirements of BS EN 9001, and all contract documents relative to a specific contract.

Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) is directly responsible to the Managing Director for the operation of the Company Quality Assurance System.

The QAM is also responsible for the enforcement, advice, and maintenance of the QA system as described in the company QA Manual & QA Procedures Manual.

The QAM is responsible for carrying out internal audits of the quality systems and also for contract specific audits.

Quality Assurance Contract Requirements

MB Material Handling Systems shall for all work covered by the contract establish and implement the appropriate quality assurance arrangements which as a minimum meet the requirements identified in the contract.

In addition to the requirements of the Quality System identified in the contract, MB Material Handling Systems shall:

  • For ISO 9001 & 9902 only, establish procedures for the accurate planning and resourcing of all quality related activities including the preparation of quality plans. Quality plans shall be submitted to the customer for approval and work identified on the quality plan shall not commence prior to receipt of such approval.

    Depending upon the nature and complexity of the work then MB Material Handling Systems shall produce a quality plan for each discrete phase of the work, eg. Design, Manufacture etc.

  • The customer representative may identify hold points in the quality plan beyond which work must not proceed without the customer’s verification and or permission.

  • Establish a procedure for ongoing contract review through the life of the contract which will address any significant contract amendments, records of the ongoing reviews and the conclusions reached shall be kept and form part of the quality records.

Where any site installation, test and/or commissioning work is involved, MB Material Handling Systems shall prepare contract specific quality assurance procedures for agreement with the customer prior to such work commencing.

  • Provide all necessary information relating to health & safety in respect of processes, products and services.
  • Review and update the policy as and when necessary particularly in respect of major changes within the company and/or changes in legislation and to bring these changes to the attention of all employees.


Bill Johnson
Managing Director