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Expanding presses are normally vertically disposed but may be mounted horizontally to facilitate component loading. The expanding force is generated by a heavy duty double acting hydraulic system through a series of tapered segments and tool holding facility. Capacities of these machines can range from 50 – 1,000 tonnes.

These machines are used for a wide variety of operations typically as follows:-

  • The forming of complex shapes in sheet steel
  • For expanding forgings and castings
  • For testing butt welded fabricated joints
  • Cylindrical parts can be strengthened by Ribs
  • Squares, oval and rectangle shapes can be manufactured from tubing
  • Can be utilised for expanding operations associated with the manufacture and assembly of aero engines.
400 tonnes expansion machined with a table diameter 72 inches, haw height of 10 inches with a provision to accept 8 tool sections. The table size, jaw height and number of tool sections can be made to suit the customer’s requirements.