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The company builds machines incorporating the latest control and gas management technology essential for high quality finished components.

The Superplastic Forming (SPF) process is a method of forming alloys in sheet form which have Superplastic properties into a wide variety of shapes and hollow sections.

Diffusion Bonding (DB) is a solid state joining process where the bond is achieved by atomic diffusion across the surface to be joined.

Advantages of this process are:

  • Freedom to produce more complex, stiffer, stronger and more efficient components and structures in one piece thus giving improved component integrity.
  • More cost effective manufacture and lighter components giving typical savings of 30% in cost and 20% in weight.
  • Reduction in tooling costs and many components requiring only one forming die.
  • Reduced lead times.


Hollow titanium component

Tool changing system for 3000 tonne DB press

600 tonne SPF/DB press for titanium components