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The Marine Level/Ullage Gauging Systems are designed to measure ullage or level of liquid cargoes in tankers.

Motherwell Control Systems maintains an impressive reputation and provides a Marine Products & Services Reference List, available on request. Including a customised list for our Marine Level/Ullage Gauging Systems.

The Gauges have been approved and accepted for Marine use by a number of third party Quality-auditing authorities, including Lloyds Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas and Norske Veritas.

CNC 2702 Level / Ullage Gauge – Float Operated

CNC 2579 Level / Ullage Gauge – Magnetic Link Operated

CNC 3860 Series Level / Ullage Transducers for use with CNC 6600 Level / Ullage Transmitter

CNC 3861 – Ultrasonic

CNC 3862 – Pressure

CNC 3863 – Capacitive

CNC 8900 Marine Radar Gauge