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In general the term “tooling” is used to describe the parts required to produce a particular component and comprises the mould assembly which corresponds to the size and shape of the finished product, the die assembly which is attached to the ram, the ejector assembly which is attached to the ejector ram and finally the vacuum plate assembly which is attached to the take off carriage. The product is then placed on a tilt table, rotated through 90° and edge stacked onto a pallet.

Tooling is available for a wide range of standard products and they can also be provided for special requirements. Generally all tooling units are interchangeable between single mould and three mould presses. When a range of similar products is required, many of the tooling components are common to more than one product.

Typical Tooling

Paving Slabs

Plain, polished, non-slip surface slabs, fully and part exposed aggregate type slabs, coloured and patterned slabs.

In a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ie. squares, rectangular, hexagonal, etc.

Road Kerbs

Straight, radius, dropper type, drainage channels and gutter kerbs.

Other Products

Concrete blocks, which can be split stone wall blocks – an effective and extremely durable substitute for natural stone, silo staves, building system panels, garage panels, tunnel segments, garden edgings, irrigation canal lining slabs, cable cover ducts, etc.