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In addition to the equipment and expertise described in the preceding sections, MB Material Handling

Refurbished Chock

Systems also provides a comprehensive repair and refurbishment facility for the ferrous and non-ferrous industries, this at one stage being the company’s core business.

MB Material Handling Systems extensive facilities and resources on three sites are able to provide a rapid response to enquiries for breakdown repairs and a rapid turn round for annual shutdown and refurbishment work. The company does not have an official holiday break but maintains a service to the industry throughout the summer shutdown periods of the UK steel industry.

In the past MB Material Handling Systems has carried out repair and refurbishment work on various large items of steelworks equipment including the following:

Roller Straightening Machines Roll bearing Chocks Shear Crankshaft
Friemal Manipulators Side Guide Manipulators Mill Gearboxes
Mill Housings Main Drive (Palm End) Couplings  

In addition to this refurbishment facility, our engineering department is able to offer considerable expertise in the upgrading and re-organising of the clients existing equipment along with new, or the incorporation of second hand equipment to produce larger modernised schemes showing substantial financial savings against totally new schemes and also reducing time scales for completion.

MB Material Handling Systems also has extensive experience in the conversion of mill chocks from fabric to roller bearings, along with the facility for modification to existing mill chocks to retro fit high technology lubrication systems giving immense cost savings in lubricant and vastly enhancing bearing life.

Shear Crankshaft before refurbishment

Shear Crankshaft after refurbishment

Bloom Caster Segment before refurbishment

Bloom Caster Segment after refurbishment

Mill spindle