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MB Material Handling Systems has successfully completed the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the complete mechanical handling system for a railway axle manufacturing plant.

The total plant comprised the following equipment, which was supplied by MB Material Handling Systems:

  • Furnace Charge Equipment.
  • Furnace Discharge Equipment.
  • Forging Machine Approach Equipment.
  • Forging Machine Run Out Equipment.
  • Cooling Bed.
  • Cooling Bed Run Out Equipment
  • Quench Tank
  • Axle Straightening Press
  • Machine Shop Feed Conveyors
  • Machine Shop Exit Conveyors

Two machines were built by MB Material Handling Systems to handle railway axles weighing up to 900kg at the rate of one every three minutes. The machines were manufactured with sufficient accuracy and control to enable axles to be automatically loaded into lathes. They were of a stiff mast design with the raise/lower function operated by electric actuator. The axle gripper is a self centering and hydraulically operated machine driven by hydraulic motors through leadscrews. It is designed to be capable of gripping any one of a wide range of axle sizes and shapes.

Railway Axle Handler