Storage Tank Design & Construction

One of the leading operators in this specialist field, Motherwell Bridge International’s Storage Tank business has the benefit of over 100 years experience, delivering a remarkable variety of specialist solutions across the globe.

storage tanksWith the emphasis on fixed and floating roof tanks, our projects have included building the world’s two largest storage tanks twice in succession – first in the 1970s and most recently in the 1990s where on Zirku Island (UAE) each tank was capable of holding 1.25 million barrels of crude oil.

We are ever conscious of environmental and conservation issues and make full use of this unparalleled expertise to help minimise product loss in conjunction with our specialist tank seals company.

Working in four main industry sectors – oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, power & process – our in-house design team provides the engineering design proficiency to complement our full service capability which ranges from double deck roof repairs to tank jacking a 100m-diameter tank to allow for foundation repair and floor replacement.