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All industries which use and require a railway line or connection provide the basis for the support which Motherwell Bridge Rail offers in its fresh approach to clients problems.

Essentially surveying, reporting, advising and maintenance of railway track infrastructure and its associated services together with upgrading when required. The location of any industry can be covered from our regional offices.

The markets served by Motherwell Bridge Rail are those organisations using a railway system either as a simple railhead or the more complicated distribution systems and facilities. All requiring a safe, efficient system.

  • Railtrack directly; covering all aspects of Motherwell Bridge Rail expertise in support of Railtrack.
  • Freight Distributors and Movers at distribution railhead facilities and connections to Railtrack.
  • Power Generation facilities involving railway track, signalling and other associated works.
  • Steelwork facilities, track inspections, recommendations, reporting and implementation of an agreed programme.
  • Private siding owners involving all the foregoing together with the development of the site for expansion.