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Cement and Lime

Together with the lime kilns at British Steel’s Shap facility the company has also carried out refractory installations at:

  • Buxton Lime Industries with kiln size of 550 tonnes of refractories.
    1994 – Demolish and rebuild number one kiln at Hindlow.
    1998 – Major arch repairs at number two kiln at Hindlow.
    1999 – Rebuild new kiln for RMC Aggregates.

  • Singleton Birch with kiln size of 550 tonnes of refractories.
    All four lime kilns at Melton Ross Quarries over the last six years.

  • Clogrennane Lime with kiln size 550 tonnes of refractories.
    The company has just completed the rebuilding of the lime kiln at Clogrennane lime in County Carlaw, Ireland for Mearz Limited.

  • Rugby Cement
    BJ Construction has completed the refractory installation to the new cement plant at Rugby Cement involving 2700 tonnes of refractories. This contract also included the supply of the refractory materials.