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Alkali Resistant Concrete Durosil CR

Durosil CR concrete has been developed to complement Durosil Dr11 Acid Proof Concrete by providing an easy to lay alkali proof concrete for those applications where the pH of the solution/solids is between 7-14. It is not especially resistant to acidic conditions but will tolerate short exposure to pH levels less than 7 provided the acid is neutralised.

The product consists of a blend silica sands, pure quartz, calcium aluminates and additives which when mixed with water produces a grey strong concrete.

The Durosil CR grade exhibits all the properties that you would normally associate with a concrete material. It can be placed by tamping or trowelling into place as a low water content screed (40mm) or poured and vibrated behind shuttering using standard equipment and techniques. As will all screeds the substrate will need to be prepared to remove any combination or laitences to provide a sound base with a suitable profile.

Physical Properties

Bulk Density 2,350 kg/m3
Cold Crushing Strengths 7 days – 29.5N
28 days – 39.0N
Grain Size 0 – 8mm
Temperature Limitation 700°C
Adhesion to Ceramic Earthenware Excellent
Moh’s Hardness 7
Setting Time 4 – 6 hours

Until now it has been necessary to call on Resin Technology to provide various mortars to resist the many differing types and strengths of acid used in chemical processing. Furane, polyester and phenolic resins are expensive, difficult to use and by no means user friendly.

BJ Construction are manufacturing under licence an acid resistant mortar which is safe and fume free in use, as easy to use as sand/cement mortar and a fraction of the cost of resinous mortars.

It will resist all acids, in all concentrations with the sole exception of hydrofluoric. It is not resistant to alkaline materials.

The product is supplied as a pre weighed kit, comprised of a bag of graded aggregates and flours and a bottle of mixing liquid, which can be easily and quickly mixed using conventional equipment. Tools, plant and equipment can be cleaned with water.

Bulk Density As cast dried
At 110ºC
2.04 tonnes/m³
1.99 tonnes/m³
Grain Size 0 – 1 mm
Cold Crushing Strength Typical 3 Day 20N
Modulus of Rupture 48 hrs 5N
Temperature Limitation 700ºC
Adhesion of Ceramic Earthenware Excellent
Setting Time 4 hours
Moh’s Hardness 7