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The low level stacker is the latest development in basket stackers from MBMHS and is probably the fastest acting stacker in the world today. Coupled with the MBMHS Spacer hopper and dispenser, it offers reliable, trouble free stacking of sections from the gauge table lift off directly into baskets (skips or stillages).

The stacker eliminates the need to have an extra man at the saw to assist the sawman to load sections into the basket. With an automatic saw, one man is sufficient.

Stackers are loaded onto the stacker booms automatically and fed over the basket with the sections. The sections are lifted off the booms with the spacers and sections are lowered into the basket.

The stacker will handle short lengths as double or triple piece loads, the only restriction on length is that the cut piece must always rest on at least two booms. The stacker will also group the extrusions at the correct widths for the basket so that it is quite possible to load a 900 mm wide skip from a 1200 mm wide saw line or vice versa.

Many types of spacer design are permitted, the only restriction is that the spacers have square edges. We can provide designs for both baskets and spacers if required.

Low Level Stacker – discharge side view

Space Hopper

Hopper & Pacer sorting mechanism