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Health and Safety
The company promotes all aspects of safety throughout the group in the interests of employees and other parties. It has always been the company’s policy to pay the greatest attention to ensuring safe working conditions for all employees whether in our offices, yards, workshops or sites, and this approach will continue to be the groups fundamental attitude on all matters of health, safety and the environment. Health and safety are monitored by the board.

Environmental Policy
The company recognises the wide public concern for the environment. It examines those environmental issues which it faces and the risk that these may bring to the business. It recognises that by careful and prudent management these risks can be reduced and importantly can identify opportunities to improve the business and become more competitive.The company aims to contain the environmental impact of its activities to a practicable minimum and to strive to become an efficient and trusted partner within the communities in which it operates.


Equal Opportunities
The company is committed to improving opportunities by ensuring fairness and equality in all its employment practices.

It is the company’s policy to give full consideration to suitable applications for employment from disabled persons. Opportunities also exist for employees of the group who become disabled to continue in their employment or to be trained for other positions within the group.

Employee Involvement
The company is also committed to involve all employees in the performance and development of the group. Employees are encouraged to discuss with management matters of interest to the employees and subjects affecting day to day operations of the group. Discussions take place regularly with trade unions representing the group’s employees on a wide range of issues.