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Environmental Clean-Up

Motherwell Bridge Nuclear has extensive experience in the field of contaminated land, drawing on the capabilities of multi-disciplinary staff who have been involved with investigations and supervision of remediation works at many radioactive and non-radioactive contaminated land sites. This proven expertise enables the company to offer a cost-effective contaminated land remediation package, which includes desk studies, initial site appraisal, site investigation, remediation, post-remediation monitoring and auditing.

The company’s capabilities were enhanced during 1999 by the addition of an existing Motherwell Bridge company, Environmental Technology Consultants to the Motherwell Bridge Nuclear organisation.

Motherwell Bridge Nuclear can now offer an enhanced land regeneration package from desk studies through to the design, procurement, supervision and validation of remediation schemes.

As part of one Client’s contaminated land management programme, Motherwell Bridge Nuclear undertook a detailed desk study and site investigation of a former nuclear facility. The project involved sampling from soils, waste deposits and buried structures. On-site testing and analysis backed up conventional chemical analysis in order to delineate contamination hotspots. Ground penetrating radar was employed to determine the extent of an underground structure and to locate site services.