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Public Utilities

Public Utilities

Quality of in-field personnel backed by a dedicated operations support team at our onshore base has allowed Hi-Rope to establish a wide and growing client base in Public Utilities. At the same time, by providing and maintaining a consistently high standard of service, the company has benefited from continued repeat business in the UK and abroad.

Water Treatment

Hi-Rope have amassed a wealth of experience in the inspection and maintenance of storage tanks, reservoir dams, pipelines and pumping stations.

Hydro Electric

Hi-Rope have brought their expertise of working at height and extreme conditions to a host of projects, including work on masts, in tunnels and surge shafts.

Domestic Gas Holders

Hi-Rope have successfully migrated the same high standards of inspection and engineered access solutions that have given acclaim in service to the storage tanks and refineries in the Petrochemical Industry.

Nuclear Power Station Building Maintenance





In the nuclear sector, Hi-Rope have undertaken numerous tasks under the strictest regulations and standards in C3 & C4 conditions.




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