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Hi-Rope is the market leader in the provision of rope access Non Destructive Testing and Inspection services.

We currently service ongoing long term contracts, ad-hoc short term projects and short notice emergency call out work. Our inspection personnel are skilled, experienced and qualified by relevant independent certification bodies to carry out all methods of NDT.

We have extensive experience in a huge range of offshore and onshore inspection activities including:

  • Topside inspection programmes
  • Corrosion monitoring of pipework and pressure vessels using ANDSCAN & ISONIC mapping systems
  • Drilling derrick inspection
  • Crane boom inspection
  • Flare boom & flare stack inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness surveys
  • Inspection of storage tank externals & internals – confined space
  • Inspection of nuclear reactor cooling gas ducting – controlled area, confined space
  • Riser and caisson inspection including ‘splashzone’ areas
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Welding inspection, on ongoing welding projects
  • Concrete inspection
  • Paint and coating inspection
  • Building Inspection
NDT Inspection

Hi-Rope use only the most up to date inspection equipment and we are constantly updating our capability to carry out all methods of NDT and inspection, these currently include:

  • General visual inspection
  • Close visual inspection
  • Photographic survey work, digital still and digital video technology
  • Magnetic particle surface inspection, fluorescent and daylight
  • Dye penetrant surface inspection
  • Ultrasonic weld inspection and wall thickness gauging, personnel qualified to inspect plate, pipe, nozzle and node configurations
  • Eddy current inspection (Hocking and SLOFEC)
  • Corrosion mapping (ANDSCAN and ISONIC)
  • Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) Ultrasonic weld inspection
  • Pulsed eddy current (PEC)




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