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About Clayton Walker Gasholders

Column Guided and Spiral Guided Gasholders

These water sealed gasholders typically store town gas, natural gas and industrial gases and range from a few cubic metres in size right up to 350,000 m3. They are used all over the world for simple, low maintenance storage of gas, and are extremely reliable – many of our holders are now over 100 years old and still going strong.

M.A.N. Waterless Gasholders

Using oil and tar sealing systems, these floating piston type gasholders operate within a fixed tank construction for the dry storage of gases used in towns and major steel works around the world. They have a low foundation cost and small surface area and a constant working pressure of up to about 1,000 mm water gauge.

Klonne Dry Seal Gasholders

These piston type gasholders are used extensively on blast furnace plants for the dry storage of gas. They have constant working pressures and offer savings in terms of foundation costs, particularly on bad ground.

Wiggins Dry Seal Gasholders

With minimal maintenance requirements and low foundation costs, these holders are typically suited to remote control of an operation. They have constant working pressures and come with a range of rubber and synthetic seals to suit a variety of applications. They are used for the dry storage of gas, so there are no freezing problems down to a temperature of -40°C.


Methane Digesters are used in the sewage and waste water treatment industry.




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