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Motherwell Bridge Welding Systems is a member of the engineering services operation of the Motherwell Bridge Group, providing a broad range of products and services for welding equipment, consumables and related accessories.

Further to significant acquisitions since 1995, Motherwell Bridge Welding Systems has established itself as a leading UK distributor, focusing each of its trading companies as a ‘System Provider’ to suit its own regional market, whilst also offering significant scope and flexibility to National and Global clients.

This range of products and services are available from a structured network of locations throughout the UK and are housed within five ‘Systems’ – Welding Equipment, Welding Process, Gas & Welding Accessories, Power Tools & Abrasives and Safety/Leisure Wear. Each of these Systems are supported by ‘System Specialists’ providing Industry with a broad range of leading brands, a high standard of technical expertise, customer care and commitment to reduce clients overall cost.