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Motherwell Bridge Construction provides a complete integrated turnkey service for all aspects of mechanical construction, maintenance, shutdown and overhaul, and integrated inspection management services.

Site construction to all worldwide standards and codes for the containment of all fluids and gases from beer and water to heavy crude oil and aviation fuel. Mechanical construction of a wide range of process plant and equipment within the steel and cement industries. Full management control by experts of dismantling industrial process plant to the highest safety standards and where applicable transporting equipment and reassembling at a new location.
Hi-Tec microchip and processor production units installed to the highest standards of cleanliness and accuracy, e.g. Clients praise for “installation of £300M of capital plant without a scratch”.
Labour Hire
A complete range of all craft skills in any numbers for any duration and all kinds of technical and managerial staff, including year 2000 analysis and support personnel, in any location – worldwide.
Maintenance and Shutdowns
All forms of mechanical maintenance contracts as term contracts and alliances for varying periods of twelve months to five years and more. The provision of all skills, supervision, planning and management to execute shutdowns covering a range of between two men for one week up to 800 men for six weeks.
Detailing, manufacture and installation of all types of process plant pipework systems in all materials, from carbon steel to stainless and aluminium, for the energy, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
Plant and Equipment
Plant hire of crawler cranes, L.M. cranes, together with compressors, generators, welding sets, vans, forklift trucks, front shovels.
Integrated Inspection Management
Provision of full inspection and management of inspection and survey work to process plant onshore and offshore, together with full heat treatment, stress relieving, N.D.T., Iris and eddy current testing and time of flight services.
Refractory Lining
The provision of a specialist castable refractory service for all vessel and cracker linings in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and steel industries. Lining work on all types of vessels and process units using all types of brickwork in all configurations.
Rope Access Work
For inspection, repairs and maintenance work our skilled workforce are qualified abseilers and are accepted by the H.S.E. as a safe and recognised method of accessing awkward places as a very cost effective and quick method of working, avoiding the need for time consuming and expensive scaffold access provision.
Tank Maintenance
Repair of tank farms on single contract or term management can be provided together with an inspection service.