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A new tax on energy use in industry, commerce, agriculture and the public sector, the Climate Change Levy, is expected to be introduced in April 2001.

Motherwell Bridge Air Systems, in partnership with Motherwell & District Chamber Of Commerce, sponsored and organised a seminar on the above important issue on 14th September 2000 at Fir Park Stadium, Motherwell.

The half-day seminar aimed to explain how the levy affects industries and commerce since some organisations will be eligible for a discount in the rate of levy and some energy sources or uses of energy will be exempt from the levy.

It was also an objective of the seminar to clarify the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme for Energy Efficient Plant and Machinery and to provide delegates with practical advice and solutions to reduce their energy costs whilst improving the environmental performance.

Mr Alf Young, Deputy Editor of The Herald, chaired the seminar. Speakers from Scottish Power, The Scottish Executive, Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme and Devro-Teepak gave comprehensive presentations. An open forum followed and provided answers to questions and concerns raised by delegates.

To receive a free copy of a CD containing our guest speakers’ presentation notes please contact us at [email protected] and hope that you find the content of this information pack of benefit.

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking all our speakers for their dedications and professionalism in giving such excellent presentations.

We would also like to thank all the delegates who attended the seminar in the difficult period of fuel crisis.

Motherwell Bridge Air Systems will be delighted to assist you in the provision and improvement of all aspects of your compressed air system energy management solutions.

Yours faithfully,
Kommie Yousef-Nejad
Managing Director