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Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)

Removal of pollutants from coal fired power station flue emissions (and chemical factories) to minimise environmental problems such as acid rain demands large quantities of chemical and abrasion resistant FRP.

At Drax Power Station, the largest FGD project ever undertaken in the UK, MB Plastics installed 6,000 metres of spray headers and 36,000metres of other vinyl ester FRP pipework. The spray headers ranged from 50 millimetres to 120 millimetres diameter and the feed pipework 25 millimetres to 1400 millimetres diameter.

Spray header pipework is manufactured to be abrasion resistant internally as well as externally, to resist the abrasive nature of the limestone slurries being carried and the effects of the spray environment into which the pipework is installed.