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Motherwell Bridge Wins £6M Gasholder Contracts For Brazil and Italy

Leading engineering group Motherwell Bridge has secured two major contracts worth a total value of £6m to upgrade steelworks in Brazil and Italy.

Motherwell Bridge will modernise and refurbish three blast furnace gasholders at steel plants in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Taranto, Italy. Both contracts are expected to be completed by August 2000.

The Brazilian contract is for the Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) iron and steelworks in Sao Paulo and involves the modernisation of two blast furnace gasholders with a capacity of 55,000m³ and 90,000m³.

In Italy, Motherwell Bridge will refurbish a 75,000m³ gasholder for Riva Acciaio spa at its ILVA steelworks site in Taranto.

Design and project management of the contracts will be carried out by Motherwell Bridge’s Engineering Division, which will also supervise fabrication and construction by local companies on site.

Archie Bethel, managing director of Motherwell Bridge’s Engineering Division, said: “These contracts will involve the full range of Motherwell Bridge’s engineering expertise, including design, consulting and project management.

“Over the years, we have established a significant track record in the construction of gasholders. Winning these orders against extremely tough foreign competition is a major boost for Motherwell Bridge.

“Brazil in particular is likely to have a major demand for the refurbishment of gasholders over the next few years and we are optimistic that we will be able to secure further work in this sector.”