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The most extensive range in the industry – a wide range of designs and sizes.

In a wide range of materials and finishes:

· Hot dipped galvanised m.s. sheet.
· Electrostatic galvanised m.s. sheet.
· Stainless steel sheet.
· Epoxy coated m.s.
· Thermoplastic dip coated m.s.
· Glass reinforced plastic.
· Rubber.

A range of special features:

The wearsurface can be tipped with:-

· Polyurethane coated nylon.
· Cast polyurethane elastomer.
· Soft neoprene rubber.
· Stainless steel strips.

Metal Parts

In the case of most seal designs, a number of metal parts are required to hold the seal in position in the rim space between the floating roof and the tank shell.

Motherwell Nayler Petroseals are able to supply or advise on all these parts, including such items as:

Clamping Bars · Sealing Rings · Shoe Plates · Hold-Down Bars (for foam filled seals) · Bolting Bars · Seal Retainers · Grounding Strips · Tempered Springs · Spring Clips · Nuts and Bolts, etc.

Please contact us when considering the design of any type of seal, or when considering the replacement of any worn or corroded metalwork.