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Motherwell Nayler Petroseals is a member of the Energy & Utilities sector of the Motherwell Bridge Group which has for almost 100 years supplied the energy industry with a wide variety of products including many types and sizes of storage tanks for a variety of products at normal temperature to very low temperatures.

As the name “Petroseals” indicates, the company was formed to manufacture and supply a range of seals for floating roof tanks containing petrochemical products.

The first seals were supplied in 1952 by Nayler Petroseals and since those days, the range of seals the company produces has increased considerably, so that today the company is able to supply virtually every known type of seal, including secondary seals.

Motherwell Nayler Petroseals specialises in supplying products which meet the needs of the oil and chemical industry by reducing evaporation losses and emission from storage tanks containing hydrocarbon products.