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Floating Roof Rim Seals

The peripheral space between the rigid rim of a floating roof and the tank shell must be effectively closed by a seal. Otherwise, the advantages of the floating roof will be seriously compromised, making it vulnerable to unnecessary evaporation losses and to fire.

All Motherwell Nayler Floating Roof sealing mechanisms close the rim space by covering the band of exposed liquid. They also accommodate a variation in the width of the rim space – from near the bottom of the tank where the shell is round to the top where maximum distortion occurs. Many years of experience in the construction of floating roofs, has shown that occasional difficulty can be expected if a seal cannot accommodate a change of plus-or-minus four or five inches (102 or 127mm) in nominal rim-space width (a tank diametric variation of 8 to 10 inches (203 or 254mm), depending upon type of seal.

Today’s Motherwell Nayler Floating Roof sealing mechanisms, acknowledged by users to be the finest in the industry, reflect constant development to meet ever-increasing service requirements. New developments in materials, coupled with experience that can come only with long service, have enabled MNP engineers to make continuous improvements.