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Guide Pole Cover

The Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 19, section 2 (formerly API Publication 2517 & 2519) identifies Floating Roof Tank Guide Poles as being a major source of evaporation loss – mainly wind induced.

To minimise these losses Motherwell Nayler Petroseals has developed the Guide Pole Cover as illustrated by these in situ photographs.

The Guide Pole Cover encapsulates the guide pole and is designed to concertina as the floating roof rises and falls.

Simple installation can be carried out with the tank “in service” – no hot work.

Proven history of installation.

Has been supplied by Motherwell Nayler Petroseals since 1995 to major oil companies both in the UK and abroad such as B.P., Shell, I.C.I., Conoco, L.O.R., and Carless Solvents.

Pay-back period of approximately 3 months based on A.P.I. calculation and as confirmed by customer site measurement.

Can accommodate varying sizes of guide pole diameter and guide pole well configurations.