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Floating Roof Flexible Drainage System


Specifically designed for Floating Roof Storage Tanks to provide proper dispersal of water from the roof at all levels of the tank.
Tank Drainage hose is not an adapted tank car hose. It was technically developed for the particular application – Years of satisfactory operational experience worldwide have proved the importance of specifying the right hose for the job.
The hose combines the ability to absorb bending stresses and external pressure during complete immersion with the stored product. This is particularly important when the Floating Roof is in the lowest position.

CARCASS: Multiple plies of special strength textile fabric combined with a helix of high tensile spring steel wire fully embedded in rubber.

TUBE: Top quality petroleum resistant synthetic compound.

COVER: A heavy oil and gasoline resistant synthetic cover compound provides maximum assurance against permeation of petroleum liquids with aromatic content up to 70%, a special cover is also available to resist liquids with 100% aromatics.

SPECIAL BALLAST: Lead covered cable attached permanently inside the bore of the hose at the roof end gives complete flexibility and negative buoyancy to the line at all times.

FITTINGS: Swaged in steel nipples with flanges to customers’ requirements.

SIZES & LENGTHS: Available in 3" i.d., 4" i.d. and 6" i.d. (other diameters may be furnished on request). Manufactured in individual lengths up to 130 ft.

SUSPENSION ATTACHMENT : A Clamp and Clevis to relieve tension is applied at the section of hose attached to the top of the tank.