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Motherwell Bridge Nuclear has been awarded a dual station AGR Reactor maintenance and inspection contract covering a two-year period by British Energy. The contract is for work to be undertaken at Hunterston ‘B’ Power Station in Ayrshire and Hinkley Point ‘B’ Power Station in Somerset.

The company is now into the second year of the contract. The scope of work covers In-vessel Statutory Inspections, Boiler Inspections on Bifurcation’s and Tailpipes, remedial work on pressure parts, Opening and closing the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV), co-ordination of pile cap area involving contractors, sub-contractors and client operations.

In order to successfully deliver the above, a state of the art rehearsal facility has been constructed where intensive training was undertaken in line with the individual profiles set out to meet the high standards of competency required.

The training program was complex due to over 180 personnel completing up to 30 training modules to ensure that the team gain optimum flexibility when it arrives on site to meet the challenges the inspection results present.

Equipment was specifically designed and developed for the project and has been rigorously tested and proved on the training rigs, in the simulated conditions (in excess of 55 degrees C) engineers and operatives trained and qualified in readiness, culminating with a full simulated dress rehearsal conducted with British Energy who were fully integrated as an active partner. The facility is without doubt the catalyst for any vessel entry campaign success.

Ray Wright – British Energy Project Core Team Leader

” To establish a team from scratch and build a state of the art rehearsal facility, deploy and deliver outages on two stations within the first year was an impressive achievement. However post outage reviews within the team identified enhancements, which are currently, being implemented which should result in an even better performance for 2000. The fundamental reason for the success to date stems from real partnerships working within the team.”

Fred Robinson – Motherwell Bridge Nuclear Project Manager.

” Teamwork and dedication were key in all areas of the project to achieve the success to date. The challenges are again being set for 2000 and improvements are currently being undertaken to maintain or better the high standards previously attained. The facility is now a very impressive asset.”

Gordon Palmer – Motherwell Bridge Nuclear Project Site Manager

“Having been previously involved with many vessel entry campaigns, the standards set by this team are very pleasing. We are striving to improve our performance, where development and improvements have been progressing through the winter months, which has left us with a remarkable facility to train the expected 200 personnel to even higher standards.”