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  The Launch of V5000 February 2001

Motherwell Control Systems has launched a new, state of the art Valve Control System- “V5000”. This system allows clients to remotely control any number of actuators at one time producing ‘real time’ data.

This project was born out of our solutions based culture, and as such is highly configurable providing ample opportunities to develop the system to suit the needs of individual clients.

As well as being able to decide what information will appear on the main screens, additional control and security features grant superior regulation.

The system offers a great deal of varied information such as valve status, alarm logging and data logging.

In addition are the truly innovative Dependency and Inhibit features. Customers can decide to add dependent controls. In that, when one action is performed another will automatically follow. For example, the client could choose to have ‘valve 12’ automatically close when ‘valve 9’ closes. The potential combinations are great and the customers choose which combinations best suit their circumstances and particular needs.

The Inhibit feature is comparable to the Dependency feature, when one action is performed customers can arrange for another action to be prevented. Also the opportunity for Emergency Procedures to be automatically put in place can be utilised via this feature.

These features allow for the high regulation of valve control and the chance to increase security not least through safety net procedures, for instance Emergency Shut Down Procedures. With the added assurance that this will all be performed automatically.

The 5 level security facility intensifies control of the valves. Individual users can be assigned different levels of security, therefore some information or control can remain the responsibility of selected personnel.

Together the control characteristics and the data logging devices make this system invaluable for the monitoring and control of your valves.

This system has utilised the user friendly format of Windows NT, to find out more about this innovative new product go into our Products & Services page.