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Over a period of 40 years, MB Plastics has become one of the most diverse plastics engineering companies in Europe. Tracing its developments to the first thermoplastic FRP composite materials in the mid 1950s the company remains a market leader in innovative thermoplastic and FRP systems for vessel and pipe fabrication, utilising and specialising in the latest high technology materials. In addition to its FRP fabrication expertise MB Plastics has for the last ten years operated a specialist division for the lining of steel vessels and pipework with fluoropolymer materials, demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to the latest materials technology.

UPVC/FRP laminates were first developed by Stephen Cawley in circa 1957, since when this technology, now utilising a wide range of thermoplastics and fluoropolymer, has spread across the world, where FRP with its distinct weight advantage and complete chemically resistant composition is the major alternative to lined steel. In 1961 Cawley’s development was registered as TUFPLAS the trade name still used today by MB Plastics.

Today MB Plastics operates through six divisions, five in the United Kingdom and one in the Netherlands.

  • Reinforced Plastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Fluoropolymer Linings
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