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Tensioned Netting Systems

System Application

Hi-Rope Tensioned Netting Systems provide an effective means of access to a diverse range of onshore and offshore structures. Comprising heavy gauge netting independently supported by tensioned steel cables, each system is designed to suit each specific application. Netting systems can be erected for a few square feet to several thousand square feet at any particular location.

Grit Blast Preparation

The highly flexible nature of tension netting allows each system to easily take account of access problems. These can vary from complex piping obstructions on a typical platform to the smooth featureless expanse of the underside of a jack-up drilling rig. Tension Netting Systems are highly adaptable and ideally suited to underbridge & underdeck applications.

Providing Access

Once installed Hi-Rope’s Tension Netting Systems provide direct, unhindered and stable support for multiple personnel and their equipment. With an already proven track record in both offshore and civil industrial applications, inspection, fabric maintenance and mechanical work has been successfully completed by our personnel, ahead of schedule and substantially below budget.

The system is tried and tested following extensive field trials and technical audits which were carried out, including consultation with the H&SE.

Bridge Inspection








System Benefits

Compared to traditional access methods Hi-Rope Tension Netting Systems can provide the following additional benefits:

  • Additional safety margin
  • Cost-effective and rapid access
  • Fall protection and dropped object protection
  • Reduced installation time and manpower
  • Reduced stress and loading
  • Reduced weight, portable and transportable
  • Minimal storage requirement
  • Total Flexibility, dimension and loading capacity
  • Unaffected by weather, minimum wind loading

If you would like further information on tensioned net systems or access systems in general, please feel free to contact us.




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