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About Storage Tank Division

From floating and fixed roof tank repairs, with some tanks holding more than one million barrels of crude oil, to the jacking of tanks up to a diameter of 80m to allow foundation repair and floor replacement, our Storage Tank Division continues to deliver a variety of solutions.

Our Storage Tank Division incorporates an in-house design team providing engineering design expertise. In addition, specialist tank seals company Nayler Petroseals supply a wide range of seals for floating roof tanks.


  • l Storage tank design API 650, API 620, BS 2654
  • Floating and fixed roof design
  • Storage tank inspection to API 653 and EMMUA 159
  • Structural design
  • Mechanical equipment selection
  • Relief valve sizing & selection
  • Hemisspheroid tank design

Nayler Petroseals

  • Primary seals
  • Secondary seals
  • Weather shields
  • Internal floating deck seals
  • Vapour conservation socks
  • Primary roof drains
  • Internal foam dams

Associated services for storage tank owners provided by our sister companies within the MB Engineering Solutions group include:

MB Inspection

  • Inovative access systems
  • Integrity engineering
  • Inspection management
  • Non-destructive testing & specialist activities
  • Non-intrusive testing (acoustic emissions)

MB Plastics

  • Design manufacture and installation of corrosion resistant fluid handling equipment
  • Latest in Plastic fabrication technology
  • Pipe systems, tank and vessels, valves and accessories
  • On or off-site “specialist technical support for storage tanks of all shapes and sizes”




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