Gasholder seals

Motherwell Bridge’s gasholder specialists Clayton Walker have been designing and manufacturing gasholder seals in partnership with Dunlop GRG for over 30 years to design and manufacture a range of high quality seals.

Dunlop GRG (part of the Trelleborg Group) specialise in the supply of high quality seals for the globally used Wiggins (dry seal) type gasholder, particularly for the reliable storage of large volumes of gas in the iron and steel-making industries.

Many years of successful gasholder operations has allowed for the continuous development of new materials to ensure our gasholder seals always meet the needs of our customers and the demands of the changing market. All new material developments undertake a thorough testing process by Trelleborg Coated Systems or third-party test houses such as Rapra Technology, the world’s leading independent rubber testing specialist.

Our gasholder seal membranes, coating materials and panels are developed to impart strength and flexibility, provide excellent resistance and are mechanically tested to adhere to strict quality control limits.

Following on from this successful partnership, Motherwell Bridge can now offer gasholder seals that contain a range of gasses in various applications including methane, nitrogen, hydrogen, butane and the Steelmaking gas (LDG/BOFG), Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) and Coke Oven Gas (COG) processes.

All gas seals are provided with a warranty to meet with the requirements of the client and the operational parameters of the Wiggins Type (Dry Seal) Gasholder.

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