Motherwell Bridge praised by President of Liberia

August 2013

Motherwell Bridge’s work on a $22.5 million project in Liberia has opened the door to significant new opportunities in the country.

Motherwell Bridge Ltd. CEO

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia has praised engineering contractor Motherwell Bridge for the level of work to date at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC).

Motherwell Bridge is working on a contract to renovate and build 22 oil storage tanks at the LPRC site and the project has created 33 jobs for Liberians directly with Motherwell Bridge and 40-50 jobs indirectly with civil and electrical contractors.

Russell Ward, chief executive at Motherwell Bridge, recently visited the President at Liberia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with LPRC’s managing director T Nelson Williams and Motherwell Bridge’s general manager John Smith, chief commercial officer Bob Hamilton and project manager Duncan Maxwell.

The Liberian leader discussed the importance of employment opportunities for local residents and told the Lanarkshire-based company she is happy with how the project is progressing.

Since starting on site last year, Motherwell Bridge’s workforce has completed five storage tanks.

Russell Ward said: “It was a great honour to meet President Sirleaf and to be commended for the work we have carried out so far.

“We are making employment provision a top priority for local residents and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Liberian government in its drive for infrastructural development.”

The Motherwell Bridge team has also completed a new-build laboratory building which has been fitted out with the latest testing and laboratory equipment and was officially opened during the recent Motherwell Bridge delegations visit to site.

The whole project is due for completion in 2015 and the end result will see LPRC increase its fuel holding capacity on the site and potentially lead to further investment from the large oil and gas multinationals. 


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Motherwell Bridge CEO, Russell Ward, updates President Sirleaf on the construction of storage tanks at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company.

Photo Credit: James M. Garresen / Executive Mansion.

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